We will be visiting three of these wineries during your tour depending on availability.

Lost Draw Cellars

The tasting room resides in the heart of Fredericksburg where the Ottmers' family business was originally established. The Lost Draw team continues to strive to produce the highest quality wine that Texas has to offer, and is excited to invite you to enjoy a taste of Lost Draw Cellars. 
- Andy + Andrew


William Chris Vineyard

"I have been growing grapes for over 30 years in Texas. The Texas High Plains is where I grew up - that is where I have a sense of place and sense of origin. To really put us on the map, the Texas wine industry needs this sense of place and origin - a true connection to the land. I support 100 % Texas-grown grapes in the bottle if a wine represents itself as a product of Texas agriculture. It's the first step towards preserving our state's place as a true wine region in an industry driven by authenticity."
- William Blackmon


Fat Ass Ranch Winery

It all started several years ago when we got married and found that perfect Texas hill country ranch. Those three square meals a day sure were good. It wasn't long before we noticed our britches were fitting tighter. Even our ol'ranch dog was gaining weight and having a heck of a time jumping into the back of the pickup. One day when we were out feeding horses, we noticed our donkey Jackson, was as big as some of the horses! That's when we looked at each other and decided that we lived on the Fat Ass Ranch. 
- Gail + Jennie


Hilmy Cellars 

The Hilmy Cellars label produces and bottles wine in small lots from 100% Texas-raised fruit.   In every bin, vat, tank, or barrel, we attempt to make a true wine with the utmost of care and guidance, which we then respectfully submit to you.  Although we are still a young winery, even the most seasoned and well-versed of wine aficionados will be able to appreciate the many and significant transformations the wines find themselves undergoing presently.  Over the years, it is also our hope to produce wines for increasingly later release and subsequent enjoyment.  Do stay tuned.  These wines, some of which are currently in barrel and cask, should prove to be very interesting, indeed.
- Erik


Andreucci Wines

It all began over 20 years ago when Bill and Patty Sutherland sold all of their belongings and moved to Tuscany. Finding their true passion for adventure, they landed in a place of serene beauty and endless delights. Along the way, they met the most wonderful people, the people they now call family. This is the same family that makes the highest quality Tuscan wines. They have shared the love of the vine for generations, from parents to children, and then to grandchildren. If you’ve never enjoyed an Italian wine, you are in for a treat. If you have, get ready to meet an old friend and join our Tuscan Wine family.




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